What is the top cross platform app development frameworks in 2019?

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What is the top cross platform app development frameworks in 2019?

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In these eras of modern technologies, lots of entrepreneurs are changing their development process techniques by switching to the development frameworks. Every people want to get connected with their targeted audiences with the help of latest and updated technology.

Technology is volatile and making regular use of old technologies will never grow your business. It is totally agreed that choosing the right platform, cross-platform app development frameworks has increased the revenue of mobile app industries. It is all clear that when you are choosing native app development you have to select the top cross-platform framework for your business growth. With the cross-platform framework reaching the targeted audiences becomes easier.

A brief about cross-platform mobile application framework

Mobile app development companies can create opportunities for a smartphone application that will be easily compatible with any operating system.

Get tremendous benefits of Cross-platform Mobile application frameworks  

  1. Code Reusability
  2. UI component consistency
  3. Cost effect
  4. Generalized cloud integration
  5. Hosting is not hectic
  6. Market time is reduced
  7. No significant technical hurdle
  8. Code reusability
  9. UI component consistency
  10. Cost-effective
  11. Generalized cloud integration
  12. Hosting is not hectic
  13. Market time is reduced
  14. No significant technical hurdle

This framework is easily compatible with android as well as an iOS mobile operating system. The development frameworks enable the components to write the code once and run it on any of the platforms when you hire an app developer.

Get best mobile app development frameworks with Nanoarch Software

Here is the list of best app development frameworks

Ionic Frameworks: This is one of the most cross-platform mobile app development frameworks which is being used to design and develop an application by mobile app development companies. It is an open-source framework which is available free of cost.

The technologies which are being used in these frameworks are HTML, CSS, JavaScript that can be easily handled by the developer. Mobile App Development Companies can hire a developer with having accurate knowledge of this technology.

The main features include in IONIC frameworks are

  1. It can use a single code base
  2. If it is combined with angular then it delivers incredible results
  3. To develop the structure of the mobile application, it can use Angular JS
  4. It provides a library of tools and components


Xamarin: A well developed mobile application is a crucial pillar that supports the growth of any kinds of businesses. These frameworks allow you to engage your previous customers and open the door for new ones. Xamarin is a framework created using C# that is popularly used to design and develop mobile applications. Xamarin works on a single language i.e. C# and well compatible with several different mobile operating systems like android, iOS, Windows.

Advantages of Xamarin Frameworks:

  1. Native Interface
  2. Faster Development
  3. Perfect Quality Assurance
  4. Fewer bugs
  5. Cost Saving

React Native Framework: This cross-platform framework was launched in this year 2013 by facebook. Hire react native developer who can use javascript with these frameworks. The designing of these frameworks enables the developer to utilize declared components to integrate the rich UI.

Reason to choose react native for mobile app development

  1. Works under tight budget constraints
  2. Multiple outcomes
  3. Access to native API
  4. The primary code base for Android and iOS
  5. Runs like a Native app
  6. Less usage of the country

Phone Gap or Apache Cordova

Adobe phone gap formerly known as Apache Cordova is a cross-platform framework which is owned by Adobe. It utilizes HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for the development and allows the users to share the application. With the help of this mobile app development frameworks, developers can easily view the changes dynamically.     


  1. With the help of plug-in developer can add more function
  2. Devoid of any hardware restriction
  3. Develop a mobile application for several different operating systems

Conclusion: The above-mentioned app development frameworks allow app developers to create a mobile application for all operating system. If you are looking to develop a Smartphone application for your business, you can visit Nanoarch Software.





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